There was one small piece I left out of my setup from the ebay kit I found. strength concrete TIA-1019 was authored by the nations leading engineers and tower erection professionals and provides the industry with a detailed set of procedures that will foster a safer construction environment as well as assuring the safety of the tower. curtain array. Remake history by building the world's first construction crane, still in use today the gin pole. You will need to let gravity pull the rope through. Cantilever height or portion of the gin pole which is above and not supported by the tower. It's a temporary hoist that attaches just below the highest section of mast on a tower and allows you to lift off and lower each section of tower one piece at a time. In the foreground is Four guy wires are best, but if space is limited, three will do. This allows the lifted tower section, leg, panel, antenna or other structure to be moved to the location where it is to be secured. It is usually secured with guy wires. Bracketed towers on residenses are often installed incorrectly, they are supposed to be attached to a structure every 10 feet or otherwise held by guy wires. This pipe has no other purpose, it was just for testing components before I purchased the full 10' length pipe. No one should attempt to install or dismantle ROHN products without these skills and experience. Pole tower will hold an this way so all the For your safety and to help you achieve a safe installation, please read and follow the safety precautions below. The home made T-bolts and nuts tacked onto the device work incredibly well. REMEMBER: Power lines and phone lines look alike. With a 15+ pound pole attempting to reach terminal velocity, the top pulley cap has no chance of stopping the pole as it hits the mast mount no matter how tight it's sinched (unless it's threaded into a hole in the pole or welded on). Now take your 3/16"x2"x3' flat bar steel and cut four 2" lengths from it. anchor with thick We have this item in Stock, Please call for Freight Ship Quote! 4 0 obj New gin pole pricing will be based upon the gross load design, the cantilever height and other rigging and mast requirements. ROHN field technicians, warning labels, catalogs, guy charts, etc. These types of machinery are used by tower climbers when constructing and maintaining telecom towers. kicking out. Attach the upper guy wires to the top of the pole. 320-foot Rohn 55G Do not attempt to install or dismantle any ROHN products until you have read and understood the information in this document. When you find a free antenna tower on craiglist with the only caveat that you have to take it down yourself, then you need a gin pole. I'm I used to install towers when I was younger. Below, looking On the bottom side of the pulley mark where you need a hole. clamp can easily <> tower. A bolt less than in diameter should not be used twice unless an engineer provides specifications for an appropriate procedure of testing prior to reuse. thick steel angle These 6" x 9" signs may be ordered, specify part number ACWS. One person should be designated as the "boss" to call out instructions and watch for signs of trouble. so we can maneuver rebar grid embedded You need to drill screw holes now. Most derricks have at least two components, either a guyed mast or self-supportingtower, and aboomhinged at its base to provide articulation, as in astiff legderrick. So what is a Gin Pole you may ask? The Spartacus Gin Pole was born. Reply In Now you are ready to climb the tower (with appropriate safety harnesses) with your gin pole. LMS 65 - 250 ST, that go up to 250 feet are mounted on trailers, skids, or auto-leveling platforms. Remove plenty of material so the rope can not rub against the sides of the hole. When autocomplete results are available use up and down arrows to review and enter to select. endobj Did you make this project? Gin poles are used to step the masts easily.Join Eight Crows Media as they restore our Ericson 27 sailboat.Music: Valcos - A new lightDifferent Heaven - Far AwayDifferent Heaven - NekozillaLicensed under Creative Commons : By Attribution 3.0 License ( Crows Media:Subscribe: Twitter:, @EightCrowsMediaWebsite: @EightCrowsInstagram: @EightCrowsBooyah! This had the added benefit of being able to thread a bolt in and hang the entire pole off of a single bolt temporarily while repositioning myself and the pole. I would highly recommend using a shorter bolt in the fully locked position (I used 2" carriage bolts all around). Installing, dismantling and rigging ROHN products requires specialized skills and experience. If you are selling ROHN products, be sure that you and your customers are informed as to proper use when purchasing any ROHN product. *This course is discounted for NATE members. is now fully erected Then the Greeks put a pulley on a pole, and the sky was the limit. Select your installation site with safety, as well as performance, in mind. The first one I built was in 1994 to set 14 ft telephone polls for a poll shed. ROHN EF2545 Gin Pole 25G 45G Tower Erection Fixture (Complete Unit!) is 3 inch OD 6061-T6 It was good to have done this once, but I'd be happy if the only other time I use this gin pole is to assemble this tower on a perfect 70 degree day. Rev G provides requirements for climbing facilities by defining two classes of climbing facilities, Class A and Class B. Bracketed tower sections are usually not too heavy, definately under 80lbs. Open Call Women of NATE Want to Hear From all Women in the Industry! Bolts should be checked each time they are to be used to connect your gin pole sections together. shackle to the tab at top of the gin pole that is facing Figure 5.1 the tower. In the past the method used to evaluate gin poles has been to treat them like the lattice boom on a crane. There is a If you wish to use step bolts, the responsibility for their use will be totally yours or your customers. Once you see rope coming out the bottom end, pull it on through and attach your top pulley cap. Rest the cable alongside the gin pole. Much easier to handle if the gin pole does'nt cut it and something snaps and it drops only a few feet instead of 100' plus. Tools:Welder - whichever type you are best with (arc, MIG, TIG, etc. We ask that you list specific requirements you wish us to comply with in accordance with the intended use of a product. Again, the center of gravity needs to be well below you while you are remounting or it will become a dangerous object you are fighting with. gin pole is unique to the tower industry. The course also considers the requirements of the OSHA CPL 02-01-056 Inspection Procedures for Accessing Communication Towers by Hoist. as well as multiple Next, on a different piece, drill a 1/4" hole perfectly in the center. through 10 meters Truck Mounted Jin Poles by Imabass -- This is a addon tool to my t. This was built with 2x2x1/4 tubing and some gussets. If your structure has step bolts, the spacing at section joints and similar locations may not be consistent with the spacing throughout the structure. the base from I made extensive use of our horizontal bandsaw to get my raw material sectioned into the right sizes. Prior to its release, engineers used sound principles and judgment to design and inspect gin poles, but they had no ANSI standard that provided uniform design standards. It is advisable to get your existing gin poles reviewed by a qualified engineer to ensure that they meet the TIA-1019 standard. He claims his gin pole means no waiting for FAA approval for a crane to complete an antenna installation and can be installed on any type of tower. They will remove it safely. If you believe that your pole has been overstressed during a previous pick, but is not bent or displaying any member damage, have it evaluated by an engineer prior to reuse. Climber safety devices are required on all structures 10 ft. or greater in height. The clip on the line is attached to the forestay, and the raising process follows the sequence pictured below. The following chapters are covered in this module: History; Regulation and Standards; Rigging; Parts of a Gin Pole; Engineered Lifts; Inspection and Maintenance; Evaluating Existing Poles; Tilted Pole Use; Vertical Small Pole Use; and Vertical Track Pole Use. The pad is 6-inch thick high There have been some discussions on the TowerTalk reflector about using a Block & Tackle lifting system with a gin pole make it easier to lift the load, and reduce the load on the gin pole, allowing it to lift heavier loads. I don't know what the weight limit is, you will have to use some common sense here. Now The most basic type of derrick is controlled by three or four lines connected to the top of the mast, which allow it both to move laterally and cant up and down. tower's guy lines the SE end of the guying at the top. endobj feet! Although hydraulic cranes are used to assist in the erection of many support structures, a gin pole is the only alternative for taller towers. The equipment is used with motorised winch and pulleys. it is being raised. <>>> One last thing. lowering the <> The last piece of the puzzle is some method of cutting the lowest section of tower free from it's concrete base. Home Products ROHN Towers & Masts Tower Tools & Safety Gear ROHN 25G 45G Tower Erection Fixture Gin Pole R-EF2545 ROHN 25G 45G Tower Erection Fixture Gin Pole R-EF2545 View Larger Image Highlights Tower Erection Fixture Gin Pole Lift 25g & 45G Sections Price$1,350.00 If you are a total beginner I recommend getting some assistance. Any one Gin poles consist of a single pole--made of wood or metal--that has a pulley attached to the top. weighs 100 This 7/8th inch This devise is not used in any other form of erecting and stacking structural steel members. Next put the mast mount onto the pole. Next, weld the pulley on top. 50kN herringbone steel gin pole tower erection tool. Another way of looking at the above vector equation is that the additional force of 3.9 kg (28.9 - 25) multiplies 3.7x to a lateral force at the top of the gin pole of 14.4 kg. When the And why would you want to build one? This is not designed to lift people, only sections of antenna tower. Model Number: LBGT120-7. Weld each piece together to form a box. Then you inch the gin pole up the section you just attached and repeat the process. Do dress properly - shoes with rubber soles and heels, rubber gloves, long sleeve shirt or jacket, and a hard hat and safety glasses. The part you are cutting off holds the pulley shell together, so we tacked it together on the inside (between the pulley and the shell) before cutting the eyelet section off. The anchors are The process is of jumping repeated until the topmost portion of the tower is completed. 1. Make sure the "pulley-mount-plate" will be on top. It's a temporary hoist that attaches just below the highest section of mast on a tower and allows you to lift off and lower each section of tower one piece at a time. weight is always Un-stepping the mast | the rigging company, Hi charles, you will need to have a crane, gin pole, or tabernacle rig hooked . This technique involves using 3 in-line stakes spaced about 12 apart and connected one to another by loops of rope. On one plate, test-fit the remaining pulley on the top so it extends over the edge of one side. vertical rebar down This is the base Each year people are killed, mutilated, or receive severe permanent injuries when attempting to install or dismantle towers, poles, and other structures. compares to a We use two leg Next, in one of my photos you can see a long bolt sticking out of the top pulley. Do not attempt to erect a gin pole in soft ground. tower away from the endobj surface area that were at the 400-foot level when gin pole rigging failed, according to WSVN. 300 feet. Buy ROHN. They end 5 feet 3 years ago. Do not attempt to install or dismantle ROHN products near any type of power line. Should your installation come into contact with power lines, you can be killed! You use it the in reverse to assemble a tower. This is CRITICAL, it is highly unsafe to attempt to attach the gin pole to the mast with the pole's center of gravity above you. Passing the 80 meter Also as before, just tac the nut, and don't melt the threads. Now attach the 3/16" rods to your carriage bolts as shown. Your idea is fine and seems to be able to work well. A jump line is required to lower or raise the gin pole to its desiredlocation on the strtucture. Once re-attached, again extend the gin pole back up to its full height and redo the next removal operation. In the top photo here you can see I have 1" welds spaced about 1" appart down one side. The on 40 meters. Rohn 65G tower. pole up as we built You use it the in reverse to assemble a tower. Adam at our space has brought in a nice TIG machine and my TIG skills need a lot of work. Notes: RIGGING PLAN CHECKLIST Fortunately I had a firm grasp of it as it came off and was prepared for the worst, so I gently twisted it upside down and then guided it to the ground. "T" bolts allow quick disconnect for moving the pole. Special monitoring and measuring conditions should be used in the field during all special engineered lifts. The small part in the center and bottom with a pulley attaches to the very bottom of the tower. Repeat this procedure for each section of tower you are installing. There has never been a failure of any pole when utilized with the guidance of an engineered work plan. It comes with the Head Fixture to attach to the installed Tower section, and the Pole/Pulley (with customer supplied line) to lift your next section. This allows you to lift the next section of tower mast up above the current highest section and mount it. Gin poles used raise loads above structures tall reach crane, placing antenna atop steeple, lift segments of tower atop one-another during erection. There is section of the 65G "I actually built one similar to this while doing broadcast work to remove and replace a bogner antenna and that's where it all started," Bonifas said. LMS-PS20 DERRICK DOCUMENTTower Drawings TT30 . is three feet high You can tie the pole onto your belt or harness once the top of the pole is at waist height, this way your hands are still free to climb with. Who should install or Dismantle ROHN Products? twenty through ten meter array will be Hardywood Park Craft Brewery - Richmond, Virginia, Boulevard Brewing Company at the Rec Deck - 2534 Madison Avenue - Kansas City, MO, 2023 NATE: The Communications Infrastructure Contractors Association. Now weld a 3/8" nut over the side-hole. All towers, masts and poles should be installed or dismantled by experienced and trained personnel. In many of these cases, the victim was aware of the dangers of electrocution but did not take adequate steps to avoid the hazard. Este artculo fue escrito, editado y revisado exhaustivamente por el equipo de Cuida Tu Dinero con la finalidad de asegurar que los lectores reciban la mejor y ms detallada informacin posible. These climbers are intended to be limited to climbing xed access routes equipped with safety climb devices. Brand Name: SHENGHONG. 6 0 obj The tower collapsed in August of 1991. reasonably sure we Certification: ISO. 12 Foot in Length for lifting one 25G and 45G Tower Section at a time. I suspected this could be a little bit of an issue and it was a little issue. will be used to hold If it's a non-zinc coating then you are ok. first guyline. If you are going to be lifting very heavy objects, you might consider having two gin poles side by side. They must be sized to support the pole and the gross load weight and not exceed the manufacturers safe working load limits. 7. It is a sheaveassembly that allows the load line to pass through it and is capable of rotating 360 degrees. 12 Foot in Length for lifting one 25G and 45G Tower Section at a time. If your nut got off-center somehow, you can do some corrective drilling to open the hole up bigger. The type of gin pole we are building will only work with bracketed towers that are completely vertical. Call your power company. Since it's collapse, the tallest guyed tower is now located in Blanchard, North Dakota. at 60 feet. TIA-1019 only covers the use of a cantilever gin pole in the vertical position. poundsand he They are silver endstream Maintain your required documents along with work plan, engineer sign off for each specific job. 1. In a long gin pole this force puts significant stress on the pole and the attachments between tower and pole. Next cut two pieces of your flat bar so they match the span of the wings tip-to-tip. Towers can be quoted to accomodate Class A climbing facilities when specied. Then very carefully attach the pole to the mast. It's probably a good idea to do this with the 2" pipe inside the box as you are welding to make sure it will fit when you are finished. Weld together both seams of the angle steel. To provide a unified voice for tower and communications infrastructure construction, service and maintenance . This thing was rock steady, the only flex was from the pole, not from the mast attachment. Now at 60 Antennas have many pieces which can poke you even if they are light weight. Some structures are intended to be maintained by bucket trucks or other methods that do not involve climbing the structure. new tower. so tilt the pole up as far as you can and jam rope down it. 2 0 obj section. Be careful with the top piece of tower, these can sometimes be top-heavy. This only affected me while I was taking the antenna off the top, it added some friction but did not impede the disassembly. If any part of the assembly should contact a power line - Dont touch it or try to remove it yourself. Forms of derricks are commonly found aboard ships and atdocking facilities. I wasn't able to source 2" pipe so I just opted to build the main body of the pole holder out of two pieces of angle iron (steel). Then I realized we have everything at Bloominglabs I needed to make my own, so I decided to make one after this design: The large piece in the upper left attaches just below the highest section of the tower and a pole (most likely 10 feet long) attaches here. The welds for the nuts are not load bearing. What is a tower gin pole? The Most likely, if you are a ham radio operator you may desire to get an antenna way up into the air. Do not attempt to install or dismantle any ROHN products until you have read and understood the information in this document. Building a Gin Pole from Scratch - YouTube 0:00 / 11:24 Building a Gin Pole from Scratch Eight Crows Media 1.08K subscribers Subscribe 29K views 5 years ago Ericson 27 Restoration Eight Crows. <>/Pattern<>/Font<>/XObject<>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text/ImageB/ImageC/ImageI] >>/MediaBox[ 0 0 540 720] /Contents 4 0 R/Group<>/Tabs/S/StructParents 0>> Although there are numerous spellings for this piece oferection equipment, the most common and correct term is "gin" as in enGINe which refers to any mechanical device that transfers energy into movement. If it's a non-zinc coating then you are ok. Ginpole capacityis a function of three primary considerations: inch steel channel. If either end of etiher seam is faulty it could allow the part to crack and break under load. Delivery Time: 15-20 days after payment. Step bolts are intended to be climbed by professional Competent Climbers only. towers are designed ROHN EF2545Gin Pole 25G 45G Tower Erection Fixture System. Commercial gin pole kits and usage Gin pole kits go from $150 to $250 and on up (no pole included). a pin sticking up CAUTION! The basket slings attach to the bottom of the gine pole to providevertical support. The reason is that the gin-pole rope tends to pull the mast down toward the gin pole rather than up into the air. If you are not experienced in installing or dismantling, please, for your own safety as well as others, seek professional assistance. gin poles are used for numerous projects such as the construction of radio towers, or to raise the mast of a sailboat or large tent. I lifted a 1,400 walkie style forklift using these poles and the 8,000. For wooden gin poles, you can use rope to attach the pulley. Accelerating Wireless Infrastructure Deployment with Software and Digital Tools. Also be VERY careful to not loose control of the pole as it's sliding down. My gin pole doesn't have this but I will add it before I use it again. If, for some reason, materials are re-used, all new, galvanized, high strength bolt assemblies must be used. it is usually secured with guy wires.. Flat bed gin pole truck for sale.html | autos weblog Information supplied by ROHN assumes that all products will be installed or dismantled by personnel having these skills and having worked with similar products before. Join our subscriber list to stay informed on the latest NATE news and happenings. yet today. The use of used materials voids all warranties set forth by ROHN because no one knows if the used material has been misused, overloaded, or damaged. painting and lighting, grounding, and fencing. This Tower Erection Fixture is used with 25G and 45G Tower Installations. Due to the varying types, sizes, and uses of gin poles, only the employer can determine when an individual is qualified to work with a specific size of Gin Pole. existing Class A requirements are more restrictive in comparison to Rev F and are intended for structures expected to be climbed by lesser qualied (Basic) climbers. Step bolts are supplied as a convenience during construction. Take your 3/16"x2" flat-bar stock and cut 5 pieces 2" long (equal length on all sides). Whether you are starting your first company or you are a dedicated entrepreneur diving into a new venture, Bizfluent is here to equip you with the tactics, tools and information to establish and run your ventures. endobj New listings: 23' Gin Pole body for sale - $10 000 (Fitchburg MA), 3 Point gin pole - $120 (PARIS TX) . 2 years ago face and then swing First, assemble the pole when you get on-site. %, AKA: weld a gin pole lift for antenna tower work. The 80/40 meters at 300 feet. I've recently built a new one in Jan 2019 and it is capable of 5000 lbs.It can be seen here: is a steel version mounted to a trailer:, Reply the tower when we This will cover most popular towers for amateur and commerical use. Rohn Tower Gin Pole (used for stacking ham radio tower)Contact: Rod # Price: $400.00 . Radio towers are typically triangular in shape and depending on the height of the tower, can be wider at the base than at the top. dipoles for 160 Oftentimes the mast is tapered at the top and bottom of the pole to allow room for rigging equipment as well as having the ability to turn the tower section. Now you are ready to climb the tower with your gin pole. The rope coming down out of the bottom of the pole runs through this and into the hands of your assistant on the ground. Lastly, you need to modify and weld your pulley to the part. hold the pole. Bracketed tower sections are usually not too heavy, definately under 80lbs. Successful installation or dismantling is largely a matter of coordination. To keep all members informed of issues relevant to the industry. meters will be 7M Length Tower Erection Tools Aluminum Alloy Tubular Small Tower Gin Pole LBGT120-7 7M. Most amateurs are quite familiar with them, and generally use them safely and with good success. Be sure your installation is out of falling distance of any overhead wires - including the lead to any building. Make sure you get good penetrating welds at the ends of each seam. 5. Have your buddy on the ground tie on the next section of tower and then he can lift it above you. shed. towards Asia and two Make sure you have enough rope, but that should be obvious. It is usually secured with guy wires. erecting fixture Call your local power company. is never free from When Researching Data about this Item, I discovered that K7NV had done quite a bit of work on the Structural Analysis of using this device. anticipate having new 65G is up, it ROHN cannot be responsible for any omission at any time. A rope runs up through the pole, out the top piece, and back down over the pully and attaches a few feet below to the highest section of the tower. new Rohn 55G and feet wide for 50' for a 30' tower is doable, but 75 or 100 feet is better as it allows your rope person to maintain a safe distance from the base even as the part approaches the ground. wide flashings will stream <> Like I said before, the pulley may possibly be zinc coated. Do a test-fitting around your 10' pipe and make sure the pipe can fit inside the formed part. I found this gin pole kit on ebay and almost bought it. Safety climb systems are now mandatory in accordance with Rev G for structures exceeding 10 feet in height that are intended to be climbed. Once you see rope coming out the bottom end, pull it on through and attach your top pulley cap. Adam was kind enough to give me a thorough TIG lesson on a slow Sunday. That's great you should write an instructable about it. rocking stresses New standard will increase gin pole safety. The derrick derives its name from a type ofgallowsnamed afterThomas Derrick, an ElizabethanEnglishexecutioner. And why would you want to build one? ROHN recommends you check frequently to make sure the sign has not been removed. Rev G has made signicant additions addressing climber safety. This To facilitate effective safety training for the industry. Any one clamp can easily hold the pole. the distance is the Just make sure it's tied off above the center of gravity so it does not try to flip over in the air, that is dangerous and not fun to deal with. so we can lift the Distributed Feed This page was last modified on 3 January 2019, at 11:19. See more ideas about work truck, truck cranes, trucks. Click Here for: What You Want to Know about Shipping! filler. I recommend drilling the holes first. You can then carefuly bring it down onto the top of the tower and bolt it in place. Self-supporting towers have corners that angle in towards the top and do not require additional supports. As you can see, I've over-engineered this device because I really really don't want anything to go wrong when using it. Feed the rope up through the pipe over the pulley and attach the tag end to the next section of tower just above the balance point. Do not work on a wet or windy day or if a thunderstorm is approaching. Polar expedition vehicle by Ian Nesbett Design set to break the world record for Antartartic land crossing. Each person should be assigned to a specific task and should know what to do and when to do it. Gin Pole AnalysisTrust No Substitutes. bolts allow quick It is necessary to fully inspect your gin pole every time prior to use and pull it from service if you identify structural concerns. I made my pole-to-mast attachment about 15 inches long. endobj This will guarantee the rope doesn't chafe against the edge. Obviously you need to drill this hole before attaching the pulley to the plate. Even though the rope was tied at about the 2/3rd's section above what I thought was the center of gravity, it was still slightly heavier at the top so it flopped around more than I liked after it came off. watts applied, The You are going to weld along one of the un-welded corners of the tube you created in the last step. stacked Yagis for 40 We set poles this way on Conrail for 2 1/2 years before we received a hydraulic crane and digger. I wasn't 100% confident this project would work and didn't want to bother totting around a 10' pole until I was done building this thing. a line from the eye strap on the tip of the macgregor pole leads to a large snap shackle that snaps. extra friction. Gin Poles are commonly used for installing stacked tower sections and hauling other items up on a tower. Times the safety factor of 5 means designing it to withstand 2162 kg (4757 lbs) of . This information may save you from death or injury. Clamps are 1/8th evenly distributed Select a proper pole. We powered through and got the job done though. hasn't bitten anyone There are available trained and experienced personnel to assist in installation, maintenance, and disassembly. flat tower base just sits directly on the Lastly, in the photos I have the pulley cap sitting on a 5" 1-1/4" pipe as a test jig. soil. Although hydraulic cranes are used to assist in the erection of many support structures, a gin pole is the only alternative for taller towers. To get a rough estimate of the diameter of a pole, measure the circumference and divide by three. Next put the mast mount onto the pole. Insert a 1/2 dowel in the middle of each rope loop and use it as a "Spanish windlass" to twist the loop until it's taut. LANDA Mobile Systems GIN POLE, New TIA-322 2017 load charts. sections. There are reports of gin pole failures and injuries, indicating that the limits for safe use are not generally known or understood. endobj The order of attachment for the guy wires should be: one upper guy wire, the lower guy wires, the opposite-side upper guy wire, then the rest of the upper guy wires in any order. Use a dry board, stick or rope to push or pull the victim away. Welding zinc is bad, the fumes are toxic. 4). If you are unsure then have a professional check it out for you. So, a gin pole is the arm . hole. If nuts cannot be easily run throughout the threaded length, the bolt should not be used again. Gin Poles A steel gin pole is an essential lifting device required to install guyed and self supporting towers as well as antennas, lines and other tower equipment. Cut two 1' to 1.5' sections out of your 1/8"x2"x3' angle steel. Climbing step bolts is dangerous and can cause serious injury or death. ROHN makes available many items, which may or may not be required for your particular installation. <> To raise a tower, the 2 side guy wires are attached and tightened while the tower is laying on the ground to prevent lateral movement during the process, and the guy wire opposite the winch side is cut to the correct length and attached to the earth . the tower and They were built for the Signal dept. There are a couple things that may not be immediately obvious about construction. Thanks for the feedback, those sound like very good additions to this project. so tilt the pole up as far as you can and jam rope down it. (February 2018) Investigation of the March 25, 2014 Failure of Gin Pole Rigging, and Collapse of Cellular Towers at Blaine, KS. This I added a picture of someone elses gin pole which has this guide. Any pick that is outside the ratings in the load chart should only be allowed at the direction of a qualified engineer with written instructions provided to the user. These were also used a lot in construction before transportable cranes became more common. Your premier manufacture of Gin Poles built in the USA. In accordance with the Occupational Safety and Health Act regulations, parts are available incorporating features, which will permit a safe product. 8 0 obj a 20-10 meter Curtain Array under the repeater tower so we did not The perfect solo mast-raising system for small sailboats, How the mast raising system is attached at the bow of the boat. Our gin poles are built utilizing 100 % recycled US steel, and you will not find a more reliable pole manufactured with the quality and backing of the Landa Company. That's assuming you want to reuse the tower and not damage any property it's attached to or near. An Authorized Climber (also called a Basic Climber) is an individual trained in climbing but may not have had previous climbing experience. I took a welding class a couple years ago but I spent most of my time then doing MIG. Dismantling and installation may require the use of temporary steel guys. progress of the new Run your rope through the top pulley cap (without the cap mounted on the pole), then run the rope down through the pole. one for 80 and 40 Things You Will Need Pole Pulley Guy Wires Stakes Step 1. Sept. 27, 2017 - Three tall tower technicians died just before 4:00 p.m. today in Miami Gardens, Fla. while working on a repack project. with 3/16th inch Use a horizontal bandsaw to cut off the eye-hole of the pulley, this will also create a new surface for welding it to our anchor assembly. The old 160 meter inverted Share it with us! This is a tougher part to make. Also, if you are a noob welder like me, you need to be VERY careful when you tac your nuts to the plates. OSHA - Communication Tower - Request For Information, Design Load Data by County - Wind, Ice, Seismic & Frost (Rev G & F). My best friend and I did this in early December with unseasonably warm weather (low 40's). Why is Cell Site Testing Crucial for 5G Deployment? Repeat until there are no more sections of the structure which will unbolt off of the top. 8. A number of triangular gin poles come with both guy and self supporting butt sections standard. Engineered for high wind and heavy loading. Member companies receive complimentary issues. I recommend clamping the back plate to the welded part and drilling the holes in both parts simultaneously. To educate the general public, applicable government agencies, Congress and clients on policy priorities and continued progress toward safer standards and practices within the industry. The Akita mix top of the existing curtain antennas, installed. 5 0 obj in background. Special product services and special packaging are also available. Take your section of 1/8"x1" angle steel and cut 3" off of it. Figure 5.2 3. Within Limits, this Device can be used to lift other Material, but CANNOT be used to Transport People. After fighting the antenna for a while at the top, I would have appreciated having a lighter pole to deal with, but it works. REMEMBER: Antennas, masts, towers, cables, metal guys and other metal are all excellent conductors of electrical current. Three employees were engaged in installing a new antenna for a local TV station at the top of a 951-foot tall antenna tower constructed in 2009. kilowatts to a As it is being pulled make sure you are holding it steady so it does not swing and hit you. When used create segmented tower, gin pole can detached, raised, re-attached completed segment in order lift next, process of jumping repeated until topmost portion of tower completed. in the pad with The gin pole is considered a form of derrick, called a standing derrick or pole derrick, distinguished sheers (or shear legs) having single boom rather two-legged one. Anti-climb sections are available on all structures to prevent unauthorized persons from climbing. This Site is Owned & Operated By 3 Star Incorporated located at: Copyright 2008-2019 All Rights Reserved. %PDF-1.5 Locate your 3' section of 1/8"x1"x1-1/4" angle steel. This is the bottom with fiberglass endobj Note 3. It is the KVLY-TV mast and it stands a proud 628.8 meters or 2063 feet tall. He only D1.1 independent contractor inspected before leaving our facility. Total FAT = 1.73 sq/m x 250 kg = 432.5 kg (951.5 lbs) force at 50 m/s (110 mph) wind velocity.