if you have any questions about entry requirements. This welcome email is an excellent opportunity to start a relationship with the lead because you already know that theres a good chance it will be getting read more than other emails. The confirmation email examples and templates in this article should be enough to get you started with writing your own.

Log in to your Eventbrite account and selectfrom your account menu.

So, how can you make yourevent emailsmore engaging? Do not place text on images, and make sure that images are scaled so that users can see them when opening emails.

3. If you're interested in working with Eventbrite, provide your email, country/region, first name, last name, company name, phone number, average ticket price, average attendance, and the number of events you host per year. With the asset of. Glad we could help! As the popular saying goes, "first impressions are lasting" an email can make or break an entire email campaign. Thank you for booking with us, and enjoy your [stay, holiday, concert]. Then select your published event. Privacy Policy. To make this possible, you will need a flexible messaging system that helps to customise event emails. When you create your event, set the location to Online. Examples of this can be seen in the screenshot below.

1. You have a new registrant! Add your livestream, webinar, and more to this page.

6. Sign in with Google. Use obvious buttons, not embedded links. For example, the email below is a confirmation email I received from a furniture store online: They confirm the purchase and provide some basic information for the customer. The mobile-friendly example: The Tennessee Titans. Let us know using the 'Contact Us' link below. Your support means the world to us, and will help us navigate this difficult time. - Do you have a course that occurs over multiple dates and times? 1. Try to sound as positive as possible while sending a registration confirmation email to your prospective event attendee. This confirmation will create a healthier email list and, if written correctly (more on this later), will set off a lead nurturing process. Its there for everyone to see confirmation emails are important emails, and were waiting for them. Also, make sure you stay away from clichs or phrases that mean nothing. This example from Yoga in the Field showcases how to promote a sponsor while still keeping the imagery and messaging relevant to the event.
  • By default, the "Message to be displayed on PDF ticket" is "Please PRINT and bring this ticket to the event entrance." Organizers can , so this can vary by event.
Secondly, you can access [your purchase / members area] through the link below: You will receive another email with your login details in a couple of minutes. Once you select and set up your trigger step, all you need to do is connect that trigger step to a Send Email step. Attendees sign in to view your content.

Below is an example of a registration confirmation email from Binance: You send a booking confirmation email when you book a flight, holiday, concert, or various other events. 1. Thanks for letting us know what worked for you!

Then, edit the look and feel of your online event page.

Eventbrite uses 6 email formats: 1. first@eventbrite.com (43.3%). Your order is being picked and packed as we speak. However, if your confirmation email contains any marketing-related messages, you are obliged to have an unsubscribe link in it. Many people regard confirmation emails as a second thought and think a basic approach is good enough. Only attendees who registered for your event are able to view the online event page.

Go to your Event Dashboard. Go to Account Settings.

5. Grammar and punctuation are very important when it comes to business email communications. This method works because, at this point, the person receiving the email already knows the nitty-gritty of the webinar, so they dont need a reminderat least, not on the initial confirmation. If you disable PDF tickets, remember to include a message in your confirmation email letting attendees know how youll be checking them in instead.

In this example from Team Beachbody, they opted to keep their email confirmation short, sweet, and to the pointsomething their attendees surely enjoyed. The email examples we posted above are not doing it, and one of them is a top marketer making big money. We know theres A LOT going on right now, and our inboxes are overflowing with messages and updates. Glad we could help! Please read your confirmation email for directions to the venue and sports hall. Multiple-column layouts: Even with a highly responsive email template, the columns may not stack up the way you want them to, and the content may be messed up. Level up your events with Gevmes omnichannel event platform, Email marketing is one of the most effective event tools to help you get your target audiences through the door. The emphasis should be on how this event is even better than the last one.

Because your event is online, attendees all over the world can register for it.

3. Attendees sign in to view your content. Is the confirmation email a transactional email?It depends. Smart marketing automation and behavior-based emails to double your trial conversion. Email etiquette is very strict when it comes to event registration emails. Unforeseeable issues with the venue mean that it's no longer possible to hold a live event. Tickets are sent as a PDF attachment with order confirmation emails by default. PDF tickets have a unique data recognition (QR-like) code. 1. Sign in with Facebook. <h2 id=Customize the registration process

Attendees get a link to your online event page. So, for this reason, we can use a templated approach for the subject lines, but before we provide a few examples, theres one crucial aspect needed in the subject line personalization. Congratulations, youre officially a signed-up member of [insert membership/website]. In the meantime, you can look at our latest selection of [products/special offers] and claim a 10% discount by clicking here. Create an online event: Go to Manage my events in your account. Save your changes. 2. Be concise. Body Copy: Eventbrite app tickets have a unique data recognition (QR-like) code.  Go to Manage my Events.  or. In this. If you dont mind, can you click the link below to answer three short questions on our feedback page? How can you trigger a confirmation email?This will depend on the email marketing or marketing automation tool that you use. Events are custom actions that people perform on your website or platform.  Knowing what's wrong helps us make it right. <p>The online event page stays live after your event.</p> <h2 id=1. At this point, its pass to even consider designing your event emails without mobile in mind, but theres a reason we repeatedly stress the importance of responsive emails: event creatorsstillsend emails that dont render on a small screen! PDF tickets show the Event Name/Title, Date/Time, Location, Order Info, Ticket Type registered, Attendee Name, and Payment Status."

Understand your attendees experience

Although our events have been temporarily paused, the hard work of our staff, operating costs, and continued expenses has not. Not only do they go bold with their color choice, but they keep their confirmation friendly and informative. Confirmation of orderWhen a user purchases a product, youll send a transactional email confirming it. Companies arent using this information to get their offers in front of the client or customer. Send emails like password reset, payment receipt, and single sign-on link from your app. Thanks. They might not be listed in the marketplace but they are available, check the WordPress.org repository. Click"Order confirmation" (under Order options). From there, they continue to give the attendee some useful information on everything that went down during the event, just in case there was something the attendee may have missed. Customize the message that appears on confirmation emails and PDF tickets. Log in. This is a simple and effective use of an image from a past event. Email Template B: How to email attendees to encourage donation and support of your organization and/or industry And they most definitely, wont be using this to start a behavioral email campaign to nurture them along the buying process. Create a new email campaign. Log in to your Eventbrite account and select Manage my events from your account menu. 13 Highly-Converting Onboarding Email Templates for Busy Marketers, Powerful Segments for SaaS apps Our Biggest Product Update So Far, Marketing automation software for startups and digital businesses, Using Social Proof to Elevate Brand Trust: How to Do It RIght + Examples, The different types of confirmation emails, The missed opportunity with confirmation emails, Confirmation email examples and templates, How to set up automated confirmation emails in Encharge, 10 Of The Best Thank You Emails & Subject Lines (Examples, Tips & Templates), connect your app to Encharge using an API, How to Write a Business Apology Email Correctly (+ Templates & Examples), How to Automate Your Webinar Follow-Up Emails for Higher Attendance & Conversion, 10 Reward Emails You Can Use to Get Your Users Hooked, How Successful SaaS Companies Use Nudge Emails, 35 Email Sequence Templates to Convert More Leads, Increase MRR & Reduce Churn, Free AI-powered Email Subject Line Generator. You simply drag and drop steps and connect them. Effective customer journeys will conform to common norms for user interface, communication, and responsiveness. When on site Can you tell us what specifically helped you? We appreciate your patience and understanding during these hard times. Go to "Emails to attendees" (under "Manage attendees"). If you have all the ingredients and know how to put them together correctly, youre bound to succeed. Upon confirmation of new dates for those events, we will update ticket holders immediately. No technical skills required. Consider whether or not to include emojis in your subject line. 2. 7. Add your livestream, webinar, and more to this page. 4. Also, pay attention to the following: Text size and breaks: Short paragraphs with an interval between them are important. It only takes 2 minutes and will help us serve you better in the future. Click "Order confirmation" (under "Order options"). An error has occurred! Select "Online" (under "Location"). Add live video with or link to another video provider.

By definition, a transactional email is an email sent by a business to a single recipient, usually after a transaction or a specific action is performed by that recipient. Upon confirmation of new dates for those events, we will update ticket holders immediately.

PDF ticket attached to the confirmation email

The trigger would depend on the type of confirmation email you want to set up. PDF ticket attached to the confirmation email PDF ticket shown in the Eventbrite mobile app 4. Our flexible event creation process makes it easy to set up your next event and collect registrations from attendees. Eventbrite is a global ticketing and event technology platform, powering millions of live experiences each year. 2. To ensure that event registrants wont change their minds about attending your event and that they get all the necessary information they need, you have to know the common mistakes and how to avoid them. California Privacy Notice.

2. 6. Example 4: Barber appointment. Get your flows built for as low as $350/month. Once you are ready, Encharge will send confirmation emails automatically.

Attendees can find your online event page from:

We miss you all and cannot wait to have you here again. Personalise your event narratives, and list the most critical details in an event confirmation email. Email marketing is one of the most effective event tools to help you get your target audiences through the door.

6. Heres another example, this time, its from a well-known marketer who is confirming a webinar sign-up: These are basic confirmation emails that tell the customer or subscriber that what they have done has been confirmed. Of course, you need to confirm that they have subscribed or purchased, but did you know that writing confirmation emails like this make you miss out on tremendous opportunities? Sign up. We empower creators of events of all shapes and sizes from music festivals, experiential yoga, political rallies to gaming competitions by providing them the tools and resources they need to seamlessly plan, promote, and produce live experiences around the world. California Privacy Notice. Spice up your WFH uniform with our newest merch, Ticket policy 3 (ex: If you are in a position to forego a refund, we humbly ask that you refrain from requesting one in favor of a giftcard or donation in your name.), Email Templates for Communicating with Attendees. Encharge supports dozens of external forms from lead gen tools, webinar platforms, and website builders, but you can also track your embedded inline forms. Only registered attendees can access that page. Do you have to include an unsubscribe link in a confirmation email?If the confirmation email is of a clear transactional nature (such as to confirm the action of the user, for instance), then you dont need to include an unsubscribe link. Here is how to write a confirmation email in 10 steps: 1. Use hyperlinks or shortened URLs to add visual appeal. For example, ActiveCampaign has a nice integration with Eventbrite that's not currently listed in the app marketplace. It should arrive at your doorstep by [insert date], and you can track the process with the tracking link, which is available for you to view in the my-orders section of your account. Go to your Event Dashboard.

Get help from trusted Encharge consultants and service providers. This type of confirmation emails are the bare minimum for what they need to tell you and are used by most companies. Test the design before sending the message. Yes, this is another intelligent way to send two confirmation emails the one above and the email with the login details. New HubSpot Two-Way Sync Integration The perfect sales and marketing alignment . If you want a 10% discount on your next order, then visit the link below for more details: The confirmation email below is from Tradesy, and its a perfect example of how to write a shipping email. Past attendees may not be able to return, so allow them to self-select to ensure youre getting the right message to the right people. These samples are designed to maximise your event attendance and simplify your interactions with the registrants. Yes, the boring, highly templated ones. Subscription confirmedTo trigger a confirmation email when someone subscribes to your newsletter youd External Form Submitted or Tracked Form Submitted. Here are a couple of examples of referral marketing: "Send the link to your friend and get $10 for your next order.". All of these instances should trigger a response in your email marketing software or marketing automation tool to send out a confirmation email. In this case, the idea of a waitlist shows your consumers that youre overjoyed that theyre interested, but that you also realize that all those who initially signed up wont necessarily be able to make it. Create unique subject lines with the only free AI email subject line generator based on GPT3. Glad we could help! Segment the audience depending on location, time, or other pre-selected preferences. Your booking is confirmed youre going to [enter the country/event, etc.]. Keep the email design simple. Unfortunately, for some individuals, they may go to sign up for an event, only to be told that the event is sold out. Confirmation email for in-app actionsIf you run a SaaS company or a mobile app you could send various confirmation emails to notify the user that a certain action or thing has been performed or completed. Use the following tips to improve your email design and open rate: The subject line can provide important information, even if the email is not yet open. Capitalise on attendance in a smart way, and craft seamless confirmation emails for your prospective attendees to get a zero miss out rate on the big day. 14 Brand Activation Ideas Attendees Will Love, 10 Event Listing Websites for Reaching New Audiences, Ticket policy 1 (ex: Your ticket and seat will be the same for the rescheduled date.), Ticket policy 2 (ex: If you are unable to attend the rescheduled date, you can request a refund.), Ticket policy 3 (ex: If you are in a position to forego a refund, we humbly ask that you refrain from requesting one in favor of a gift card or donation in your name.), Ex. 1. Why it works: clean black text and white background make it easy to read the message. Weve highlighted why they are essential and how to write them to get a response from the reader. If you want to encourage donations, its crucial to finish the thought and maintain a connection with attendees after youve engaged with them in person.

Click your event to go to your Event Dashboard.

You should remind people of what they have registered for, even if you run a stunning. This registration confirmation email message sample from one of the major tech events, Web Summit, demonstrates that simplicity is related to efficiency. Name Title EMAIL TEMPLATE B: How to email attendees to encourage donation and support of your organization and/or industry Subject line: Your Support Matters Now More Than Ever Body Copy: [Greeting], We know there's A LOT going on right now, and our inboxes are overflowing with messages and updates. We are diligently working to reschedule canceled shows, a complex process with many factors to consider. For show updates and upcoming virtual experiences, follow us on [Facebook hyperlink] and [Instagram hyperlink]. Log in using the same email address and select "Tickets" from the dropdown in your Eventbrite account. 5. Keep it short - research shows that the best thank you email subject lines have less than 41 characters (about six or seven words). Customise the order confirmation page. 1. Image size and placement: Do not place text on images, and make sure that images are scaled so that users can see them when opening emails. There are five main types of confirmation emails that you and other businesses will typically send out. Anything else doesnt matter to us, and unless the business has nurtured us with intelligent email marketing, we tend not to care about the other emails they send. Knowing what's wrong helps us make it right. Youll also want to include a big, tappable CTA button and only use text thats 14px or larger. Get inspired with these 6 event email examples from the team at @emmaemail. The subject lines for confirmation emails are essential but not quite as important as they usually are. Cookies. It uses a personal approach and encourages them to reply, potentially leading to a sale. Save your changes. Check out this list of the essential elements that should be a part of your event confirmation email: There are several aspects that make up a successful confirmation email sample for registration: simplicity, brevity, and a bridge to further activities or the company materials. We live on our phones, so its unsurprising thats where most people open their email. Just a quick message to let you know that your order has shipped today. When they visit the form, they have three questions, each with two possible answers. The image at the top helps to immediately grab the readers attentionan email design best practice that your marketing team should already be well aware of. So, if additional spots start to open up for say your next webinar, you can start adding these names and emails to an overflow list or waitlist, making sure they have a spot, should one become available. Many event promoters put a ton of time and effort into their promotional emails, then neglect their post-event communications. 1. To stand out in an event-goer's busy inbox, your event emails need to be concise and compelling. If you have any questions, then hit reply to this email, and I promise to reply to you personally.

For Premium users with Eventbrite Music, select Online (under Venue).

Enter a name to find & verify an email >>> . This form can be: A subscription form on your website, A landing page you're promoting, A checkout form on your website, Or any other opt-in form. This reaction to the emails is normal behavior for all of us. , How can we improve this Eventbrite Help Center article?. It also provides a CTA to track your order. Log in to Eventbrite and go to Manage my events. A few examples we covered today include: Ready to start designing your next batch of confirmation emails for events with confidence? Omnisend also reports that email confirmation workflows receive 85% more clicks on average and 54% better open rates. Instead of dampening all hopes of those who were just a little too late, consider creating a waitlist for your event! However, if you include any marketing messages such as social proof, promotional bullet points, or other CTAs that aim to convert or upsell the user, then this confirmation email will be considered a marketing email and you need to include an unsubscribe link in it.

Create specific event types

Theyre now eagerly awaiting your confirmation email, and the subject line is the first thing they will see. While you want to reach as many potential attendees as possible, you also want to keep your email list clean. Log in to your Eventbrite account and select Manage my events from your account menu. These plaintext hyperlinks spell it all out for users, leaving nothing to chance. Your Eventbrite account: When you register for an event, Eventbrite automatically creates an account associated with your email address. Heres what else you need to know: As we learn how to navigate these uncharted challenges, we appreciate your patience and understanding.

Under Additional settings section, choose:

Explanation of why the user is actually receiving the email. The common mistakes and how to avoid them. We hope now that you understand how vital email confirmation emails are and why you need to write them carefully and correctly seriously, dont miss this opportunity. To help you with that, here are 18 registration confirmation email subject line examples: 1. A fall-back text link that the user can copy and paste in the browser if the button link doesnt work for some reason. Well send you another email with delivery and tracking details as soon as its out for delivery. We now know that these emails get opened more than others, and the email template below gives you two bites at the cherry. Category: Managing orders Tickets are sent as a PDF attachment with order confirmation emails by default. 3. Instead of simply using the standard thumbnail image, the Game of Rhones logo is set across an image of a previous event to highlight both the brand and event experience. Dont forget to capitalise proper nouns and the first words in sentences while writing an event registration confirmation email. An email that promotes your sponsors. You can make changes to this page at any time (even after publishing your event).

Create a specific ticket type to accommodate registrations for the series of sessions., How can we improve this Eventbrite Help Center article?. The intelligent thing about this email confirmation is that its a double confirmation. Optional: Disable your online event page. A community for all things Encharge-related. Simply make a woodworking project in the month of March 2020 and follow the entry procedure below for . When writing your subject line, its a good idea to add the {{person.firstName}} tag. To get started, go to Order confirmation (under Order options). Eventbrite brings people together through live experiences.

Before publishing your event, make sure to:

Theyre certainly not using this opportunity to have a direct chat with them. Below is a guide to [destination, airport, concert]. Lets have a look at the best samples of event registration confirmation emails: This is a simple event email that includes the basic details, confirms the payment, and informs the reader of further activities. And, of course, well provide several templates to help you get started. Starting a conversation (ask them a question). Discover events that match your passions, or create your own with online ticketing tools. With the asset of online registration, event marketers can send automated confirmation letters to the attendees right after their registration has been completed. Click "Email campaigns". You will very likely receive a confirmation email that confirms what you have done. Here is a webinar registration confirmation email from Fairygodboss. California Privacy Notice.

Add information like parking details or things to bring to the event to the message that appears on confirmation emails and PDF tickets. Our flexible event creation process makes it easy to set up your next event and collect registrations from attendees.

7. To make an email worthwhile a read, add the "wow" factor. The design of this message makes it easy to navigate and helps walk the attendee through everything from getting their tickets, to finding the location and adding it to their personal calendar. 1.

Only choose Anyone with the link if youre comfortable with people who havent registered viewing this page.

We empower creators of events of all shapes and sizes from music festivals, experiential yoga, political rallies to gaming competitions by providing them the tools and resources they need to seamlessly plan, promote, and produce live experiences around the world. For this you would also need to use the Event Trigger. The templates wont be your usual tedious confirmation emails; theyll include a call to action and triggers that utilize the fact that these emails have the best open and click rates. Your Eventbrite account - Login and go to Tickets. With these order confirmation examples and subject lines, you have plenty of inspiration for setting up an email campaign that your customers appreciate. 2. Adoption is not just a legal process, but a child-parent matching process as well. Go to "Online event page". Sending a registration confirmation email is an important preparation step for many corporate events that take place online, such as trainings, webinars, remote conferences, live streaming, etc. A visual interface to turn any virtual event idea into reality.

Add any resources attendees need to attend your event. Set your events location to Online. Lets find out how to craft a lucrative event registration confirmation email sample that wont leave anyone cold. You can trigger this flow with Entered Segment step if the order is coming from Zapier or use Receive Webhook trigger. This lets you set up a dedicated online event page to show the links to your webinar, livestream, and other resources attendees need. From there, attendees get all the vital information from the organizer regarding date, time, what to expect at the event, and even a helpful link to a map that gives them directions to the event. Why should you use event registration confirmation emails? No matter how catchy and memorable the content is, an amateur signature can really spoil the effect. If you're located outside the U.S. and your organizer is providing tax invoices, you can print one from: Your order confirmation - Go to your order confirmation email and open the 'Invoice' attachment. Heres a template for a payment confirmation email. Email Template C: Communicate with attendees during the unknown. The Eventbrite app: iPhone: Log in and tap the 'Tickets' icon. [last] The pleasant and stylish email has a colorful design and presents all the information one might need for this kind of appointment: time, date and type of service. You send these out when a client or customer registers with your website or app. Simply put: we cant do what we do without you. When some signs up top your mailing list, you will want to send a confirmation email to confirm the subscription. Confirmation emails for events come in many different formats, allowing marketing teams to design unique, thoughtful emails that their attendees will appreciate. 4. Confirmation emails are the first of their type to land in the recipient's inbox. Tickets are also visible in the Eventbrite app as soon as an order is completed. The great thing about this email is that it's likely an event reminder email template.The extra-large header text, illustration and footer information can all be .

  • Ticket holders only Only registered attendees can view the online event page.
  • Anyone with the link Anyone can view the online event page without signing in.
To access Eventbrite Boost, go to Manage my events and select the Marketing icon from the left navigation menu. Then go to Account Settings. Thanks for letting us know what worked for you! Email address. Log in to your Eventbrite account. So, how can you make your event emails more engaging? Let us know using the 'Contact Us' link below. With our powerful yet easy-to-use tools, it's never been easier to make an impact with email marketing. In-depth guides, and practical tips for first-timers, marketing experts, and everyone in between. However, we really enjoyed that the confirmation also works as a way to further share the event by allowing attendees to share their event confirmation to their personal following via social media. When it comes to your brands special events, most of the planning goes into the event itself, and the promotional materials surrounding it. If you want to trigger an email newsletter confirmation email you would use the External Form Submitted or Tracked Form Submitted trigger. We look forward to being able to gather again, but until then, stay safe, healthy, and remember that we (and Netflix) are here for you. Add the email addresses of the recipient or recipients in the email address bar. Before they even get to the official confirmation, they inform the attendee that they can keep their tickets close at hand via the Eventbrite mobile appa great example of cross-selling and omnichannel marketing. For Emmas Marketing United conference, we follow up the day after we wrap with a post-conference video recap, some valuable takeaways, and our attendee survey. Choose if you want to have the same settings for all ticket types.

Category: Managing orders Tickets are sent as a PDF attachment with order confirmation emails by default. Optional: Disable your online event page. Template #1: Ticket or registration sales launch Use. Customize the message that appears on confirmation emails and PDF tickets. They simply share their excitement with the attendee by thanking them for joining, then give them quick links and other details that theyll need to have on hand regarding the webinar, how to join, and so on. Emmas client charity: water does this better than anyone, following up with impactful content after every in-person event they host. Not quite sure where you should start when it comes to crafting your confirmation emails for events? Question one, for example, could be Whats the reason for you canceling your membership? Shipping Confirmation Email. Go to "Emails to attendees" (under "Manage attendees"). You can print or download your tickets by clicking here. These emails are bland and only serve to get the confirmation message across. Its not exactly a great time to target them. They establish immediate communication without boundaries, making the whole user experience more comfortable and shortening the time needed to achieve the ultimate goals. Boost product activation and guide your users to value faster. Find event and ticket information. Encharge is a powerful marketing automation platform that provides the best support for behavior-based emails.

This page is for your attendees.

If you chose Custom settings for each ticket type, you can enable or disable printable tickets per ticket type.

Thanks. src="https://cdn.evbstatic.com/s3-s3/static/images/en_US/eventbrite_attendee_app/iphone_android_mobile_ticket.png" width="800">
  1. Go to in your account.
  2. Select Create event.
  3. Select Online (under Location).
  4. Save your changes.
They can help you explain your processes, set the right expectations, reduce the support load around critical operations, and even bring more sales. This message also stood out to our team because it not only summarizes the days events, but also allows attendees to browse the program prior to the actual event, giving them a bit of insight on what they can expect to happen. Let us know using the 'Contact Us' link below. Game of Rhones. Finish creating your event. 3. Send targeted one-off newsletters to your whole audience or a segment of people. Create remarkable user journeys with a robust and easy to use visual flow builder. Go to Manage my Events. Android: Log in and tap the 'Profile' icon. Optional: Change your access settings. The Hustle did an absolutely wonderful job of designing their email confirmation via Eventbrite and included all the relevant information the attendee will need to have on hand. To provide confirmation of participation and inform a prospective attendee about the basic event details, To inform registrants about a successful payment transaction for a paid event. He works closely with B2B and B2C companies providing valuable and engaging content that converts readers into customers. Personalization is a great way to start a relationship with your client, subscriber, or customer. Source: Really Good Emails 8. Every flow in Encharge has a Trigger step something that starts the flow and adds the contact to the flow, and an Action step. And, should the attendee choose to share their confirmation with others, the only information thats actually shared is the event, details pertaining to the event, and a helpful link for those who may be interested in attending as well. If you add a custom message, the confirmation email will include that message and all of the text under Message for email and printable PDF (if included). Send targeted emails when people do or dont do something in your app. Stream original content dedicated to the world of events. If you send a basic confirmation email with a confirmation link, then the email is considered transactional. Customize the order confirmation page. Below you'll find an excellent example of a transactional email with a referral program from Tradesy. 3. Can you tell us what specifically helped you? First of all, thank you, we appreciate your support! 3. Privacy Policy. Subject line: An update on [Event Name] in response to COVID-19 The majority of ticket sales tend to happen right after the announcement or right before the event.